EBICS Integration


Gibt es jemanden der ebenfalls Interesse an einer Integration des EBICS Standard hat?

Mit EBICS können unter anderem Kontoauszüge (CAMT.053), Überweisungen (PAIN.001) und SEPA Lastschriften (PAIN.008) ausgetauscht werden.

Die Daten der Kontoauszüge könnten mit dem Bank Reconciliation Tool eine Synchronisation in ERPNext ermöglichen.

Darüber hinaus könnte eine Verwaltung von SEPA Lastschriften Mandaten ermöglicht werde und eine Integration mit den Subscription könnte die Mandate für den Einzug nutzen.


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I’m from France, and I wonder the same things (or may be, I don’t read german).
But SEPA xml file for payment or withdraw can be an interesing feature in ERPNext for European Users.

If there is some income on the subject could we continu in English ?

Hi, I believe ERPNextSwiss supports import + export of files in these formats. However, as far as I know, it’s not available as a standalone app right now and focuses on the quirks of Swiss banks.

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As far I know, EBICS manage the communication with the german bank network. SEPA standard is working at many countries in Europe, and refeers to file structure itself. As @rmeyer wrote above, there are some forks that manage it (at least for main processes as payments, etc … ), but not as separated app.

Technically, what I mentioned is an app, not a fork. I only wanted to point out that it comes bundled with Switzerland-specific customisations. :wink:

I’ve found https://dokos.io/ … it’s a fork from Erpnext with France localization features, SEPA included.

We are planning to start with some Spanish specific customizations, based on custom app approach in v14.

May the Force be with us :joy: We will need help and inspiration.


Yes it’s a hard fork of Frappe and ERPNext, I don’t know if it will be a tricky job to backport Dockos SEPA implementation or not.
I’ll check it when time available

@FHenry EBICS is as @avc mentioned for the communication between business and bank. For the data itself the SEPA Formats (pain.001, pain.004, camt.053 …) are used.

EBICS itself was developed by the german banks but also banks from other nations joined. I know that also Austrian Banks support EBICS and from what I read on Wikipedia it seems to be available in France too?

On 14 November 2008, a cooperation with the French “Comité Français d’Organisation et de Normalisation Bancaire” (CFONB - standardisation office in the banking sector of France) was pronounced such that EBICS would be adopted for usage in France. On 5 May 2009, a joint committee was created to resolve a modified EBICS. On 12 February 2010, a common EBICS for Germany and France was published.

Most changes on the common EBICS involved to embed the French ETEBAC-3 message types and ETEBAC-5 signature elements into the EBICS transmission format. Previously ETEBAC was transported via X.25 packet network lines (in Germany the BCS-FTAM protocol used ISDN direct lines). French Telecom closed its X.25 network in November 2011.

We are on the ERPNextSwiss fork (V12) and use their (libracore’s) bank import/export feature. GitHub - libracore/erpnextswiss: ERPNext application for Switzerland-specific use cases

Did someone make this work already with V14?

I checked this fork. Looks that the customisation and functions are far advanced to the basic ERPnext for European users.

Does someone is a bit deeper into the code base?

Is it really necessary to have a hard fork or could the function backported to the main ERPnext?

@byte_thomas @rmeyer

Hi, there is a open-source online banking apllication which supports SEPA / EBICS.

Hibiscus runnning on the framework jameica.

You can intereact directly with most banks, so dont have to deal with files. You can even fetch transactions regulary as a background job.

There is even 3rd party support for aditional payment systems like paypal.

We have developed an Frappe app, which syncs payments to ERPNext an creates payment entries. With some specific, advanced logic taylored to our needs. For example it learns from bank accounts of our customers so it can assign payments with typos.

So basicly once set up, we have 95% percent of our payments fetched from your online banking accounts and assigned automaticly to matching invoices.

We also have included the process of SEPA debit charges.

Its currently running on v13 but migration to v14 should be no big deal.

I`m quite sure one would say that its developed quick and dirty, we did not invest aditional ressources to make it generaly useable in the public.

That beeing said, if its of interest, we could make it available.

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2 things:

I need a second software, which is running in Java, for nearly a core feature of my ERP.

And even then this swiss erp have much more functions (QR, Zugpferd etc.)

Yep. Its a seperate software.

But most people need to use some kind of online banking software to connect to their banks, to get the data which you then can import into your ERP.

QR, Zugpferd are valid features, but beyond of this posts title “EBICS Integration”.

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Sorry Dave, but it is going away twice from the original topic.

I just noticing, that IF erpnextswiss already made an integration, why not to backport it. Even more, if it offers other useful function.

To connect erpnext with another software with less function, is for me just a compromise solution.