Ecommerce description

I am starting to set up the eCommerce section of the website.

But, the description that I see if the product code.

Where is the found an dhow to change it so that I can have the potential client see a description, and not a incomprehensible product code?

@smokinjo At the bottom of the Item page there is a section called “Website”. Open that and tick the box called “Show in Website”.

That will reveal additional fields AND a new section below “Website” called “Website Specifications”. You can add the description there along with lots of other relevant details.

(I know these instructions kind of sound like “cheats” in a video game, but that’s how to win the game!). Good luck!


I have also found that when creating “Items” in the database, if you do not specifically alter the “Description” field, the first thing it will contain is the product code.

In many of my sites, the client leaves that code in place and adds a valid description after the code. Some others delete it and write in a real description.

Remember… The “Description” is not the same as the “Product Name”

The description field is separate and requires someone to intentionally populate it with correct data. This is done in the full page edit mode.

Better to alter your Item creation procedure so you do not run into this in other functional areas later.



I looked all over the item page, and I have no section called website.

The person who set up ERPNext for me, seems to have set up a few items. I looked up website and got a page listing items in the website.

When I look on an item that is on the website product list page, they seem to have an extra section: More Information
In there, there is an option that is checked off saying it is listed on the website.

But, on all other items, this section is not there, and I do not see a way to find this website section of which you speak.


@smokinjo. Sorry for the delay, I took the long US Holiday off. This is weird and I wish I had a quick answer for you. If I got o Item list and select and item and scroll to the bottom, here is what the bottom of that page looks like (for me):

I don’t know why you don’t see it. I suspect that it is because something like a domain or module setting, but I couldn’t find it. Still, I want to help. What version of ERPNext are you running?

Thanks for the image. My site does not have it.

I am using v13.

I will ask my consultant where this feature is and ask him to make it “magically” appear for me.

I’ll follow up with you then.

Thanks again

@smokinjo (Really was worried I was losing my mind on this one…)

Solution: RTFM! Website Item

tl;dr On the Item page, you need to (Publish in Website) from Action menu. Then go to Website Item