eCommerce for Multi-Store / Multi-Domain

Hello everyone.

First of all I want to than the developers of Frappe/ERPNext for Free Open Source product! I am really in love with it! Still learning and setting up the ERP System for my company.

My goal is to have full fledged ERP System with low cost Maintenance / ROI, and at the most part it is what I need, but I do have a few stores running off Prestashop, so I am seeking a working integration of Multi-Store Prestashop instance with ERPNext, or… have eCommerce running off ERPNext, but it is, what I see, in the “Pregnancy” stage :frowning:

Do you guys plan on making the Shopping Cart module as full fledged as other standalone eCommerce solutions like Prestashop / OpenCart / Magento?

Is it, or will it be possible to run multiple Domain / e-Stores of the same ERPNext installation, i.e. under one single company?

Hi @devdesco_ceo

Yeah shopping cart is incomplete. And we do intend to complete it, but we don’t plan to make a multi-domain shopping cart under single company.

So it’s better to integrate it with you existing setup.


Good to know your plans and not to hope for the inevitable.

Any plans on integration with Prestashop?

Hi Viktor,

We have a huge backlog of issues and we are expecting such integration to be done by community / freelancers as need arises. Hope you understand.


Looking forward to this as well!

We worked on integration of ERPNext with Magento (eCommerce) but for few specific requirement set of client. It was quite exhaustive integration and it was older version of ERPNext.

We even explored integration of Prestashop with ERPNext. We are ready with homework and waiting for some funds or opportunity to make it happen. We have not started development yet.

Kanhaiya Kale

I’ve set up bounty on Bountysource to speed up integration process, if enough people will come on-board, then eventually someone will start integration?

Bounty can be found here: Bountysource

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Hi, is multivendor marketplace ecommerce functionality available in ERPnext

anybody can help here?