Ecommerce Merging

We have recently moved over to ERPNext. We are currently looking for help with development. We would like to integrate our already existing Ecommerce into our current ERP system.
I am looking for someone, or a business that could help with this.

The key things that we would be looking for are experience with eCommerce setup, knowledgable in python, database merging, and writing custom code.

If anyone here can point me in the right direction, that would be very helpful!

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@shawnmelnyk12 Mentioning what your current platform is might help others with relevant experience to reach out to you. If you are using WooCommerce or Shopify there are integrations available. We have had some luck with pulling orders from multiple sites by using a ShipStation integration but this won’t help with pushing updates to your e-commerce platform.

Lastly, if you haven’t already, be sure to post on and on the Telegram group “ERPNext Opportunities”. Here is an invite link: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Thanks Michael, good suggestion.
I’ll post a link to our current online quoting tool(ecommerce): Configuration Tool
I believe this is using joomla.

We also have a “dealer network finder” that coincides with the above quoter, that uses wordpress.