Ecommerce selling with different UOM set price at zero for the first article, than calculate right price

Hi, I needed to set a different selling UOM for an article.
I set the conversion rate and the price is showing right in the item page but when I add it to cart, the price shows at zero.
If I add another item, or change the item qty then it’s calculated right.

this is my item settings

this is the cart with just one item

Hi @LeoZan . I have a similar problem. The item in the Store shows the correct price but when added to the cart shows with a 0 value. This is happening for a item with a variant.

Did you work out what was happening? …

Seriously… I had an existing item in the cart from some days ago and when i removed all items and readded the one I was having a problem with it worked fine. I had previously cleared the browser cache. So that wasn’t the cause. Some weird bug there.