Edit button color

Hi, I’m trying to change the color of the blue buttons, but I haven’t had much success, I tried creating a new css file for your_app / public / css / custom.css path and adding the configuration to the hooks.py and build file. json

This has no effect for me, I need help.

share your app repo here

You can use this for single blue button.
document.querySelectorAll("[data-fieldname='your_fieldname']")[1].style.backgroundColor ="blue";

If you want it to be generic. You have to override the css, by applying your changes to that specific class.

add your own file under sites/assets/css. Then copy and paste the code from desk.min.css . Finally edit hooks.py(include your file path in app_include_css[]).

Inside your file add css to change the button color,
.btn-primary {
color: #fff!important;
background-color: red!important;
border-color: red!Important;