Edit default values for New Customer form

Where can I edit the default values that are in this quick form and maybe add few other values in the quick form?

I went in the customize form but I cannot see how fields are selected for quick entry.

And regarding type, customer group and territory, I dont know how to leave it blank.


See “Selling Settings”

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I want to add a blank value by default for customer group while adding new customer.how can it be done?

Disable Quick Entry and add following customscript:

frappe.ui.form.on('Customer', {
	refresh: function(frm) {
	    if (frm.doc.__islocal) {
		   cur_frm.set_value(customer_group, '');
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Thank you @joelios issue solved.
@joelios please help
but i have one more problem.It shows customer group = All customer group in quick edit but after clicking on edit full page it shows customer group value as blank by default.how do i show customer group value as blank by default in quick edit .

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as far as I know, this is not solvable with a customscript. you have to deactivate the quickentry.