Edit frapped code without conflict

Hello all,

I need to add a menu item in the ‘Menu’ dropdown button above the list of every documents.
Now it has, Import,User permission Manager, Role permission Manager, Customize, Assign To, Print, Add to Desktop, Edit DocType etc.

I need to add ‘Export to PDF’ menu item in the above list.
I actually added in the doclistview.js file.
But when pulling app from my gitlab repository it conflicts in the production server.

Is there any other way to make changes in the frappe code and pull to production server?

Anybody help me plz? It is my clients requirement.

@Amalendu Why don’t you commit and push your changes

Hello @srajelli

I always do commit and push…
No problems comes there.

But when i start pulling frappe from my production server, it always ends up with soooo many conflicts!!!

Is there anyother way to change or override frappe?

@Amalendu Please post your conflict message