Edit HTML/CSS takes no effect


I am trying to change the CSS in desk.min.css and reloads the page in a browser but it doesn’t seem to have any effect in the UI. Can you someone guide here on how one can change the UI of ERPnext and see the changes getting reflected?



bench build

What exactly are you trying to do. desk.min.css are build by bench by merging couple of css resources for a given view. Changing it will not give you desired result directly.

Mostly all min.js and min.css are generated after mentioned in build.json. All resources mentioned in build.json are built during bench start for mentioned views.

Thanks for the reply.

I want to try out ERPNext.
Let’s say I simply want to change a color of a button from blue to black:

  1. I am not sure about which file to edit
  2. After editing any file, when I run bench start command all the changes get overwritten
  3. Is there any specific command to run after making the changes, I am new to Python - I have prior experience in Node.js
  4. How do I locate the exact .less file to be edited in the project folder, is it located in frappe or erpnext app folders?