Edit issue in Report

Hello Community.
I’d made a Report for a Custom DocType which have a Child Table.
I aim to use the report to update quickly the field of the Child table named “Resultado”.

For each first row of the child table the field is updated in “real time” but when I update the second, third and so on the change is not showed until I click on the Update button on top right.

Is this the expected behaviour?

I provide bellow some images to show the behaviour in the first child row which is not replicated through the rest of the rows.

Initial state with all “Resultado” fields blank

Change field

The change is showed

Will soon release our own Data Table utility, developed on top of Frappe, specially for ERPNext. It is not an expected behaviour, but I am afraid we will fix it soon as resources are deployed on creating this new library for Frappe Data Tables.

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