Edit "Lead Details" Report

I need to edit the code on the “Lead Details” report. I need to add a date column and it says I need to be an administrator.

Not sure what the issue is here… are you logging in as Administrator?

What I am trying to do is alter a standard report. I have now read that I need to change it and then save it.

Thank you for responding.

@vpops, Only Administrator and Report Manager role user’s can change/edit this.

Thanks, Priya

I am a Report Manager. Seems weird I can’t change it.

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@vpops, I checked through code, actually it is validation on Standard reports. If reports are Standard reports then only Administrator user have aceess to edit this reports.

Thanks, Priya


Thank you for taking the time to look into this for me! I was afraid it was a standard report. I have since created a custom report to show what I need and have added it to my owners desktop…