Edit mandatory fields from doctype

Hi ERPNext community

What’s happened when uncheck mandetory fields from doctype .
I was able to do that, but I don’t know if a problem occurs or not, when updating the system, for example.
If I can’t do that, what’s the solution logicality?

any one

@Yousuf Don’t do it from DocType, It will cause issue in upcoming upgrades. Use Customize Form instead to set field property

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Hello @Hardik_Gadesha
I can’t modify the mandatory fields in the Customize Form:

I did the following:
Please See Disable mandatory field for standard field
This message appeared when doing an update on Customize Form:
“Not allowed to disable Mandatory for standard fields”

Use Property Setter to remove mandatory field

Hello @niyaz_razak
I used it correctly, remained mandatory.

@Yousuf Property Type should be Check

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