Edit Price on Submitted Purchase Invoice

Hello ERPnext Team,

We have been working on system for couple of months… gone through many difficulties, been sorting out to get stable version …

In today’s date, one of the biggest problem that we are facing is; Editing Price (not Stock) on Submitted document.

One of ERP users, entered wrong buying price by mistake and due to that… BOM, incoming rate, Profit & Loss… all is showing wrong calculations…

It would be great-full hand if we get any method to edit Only Price (knowing Stock edition could be Problematic) on Submitted PO.

Any idea, guidance will be appreciated by Community if someone have come across problem & found solution… Please share!


You need to open the document, and then cancel+amend it, and resubmit with the new/revised values.
It will be assigned a new series number with a *-1 value to separate it from the old one.
Obviously if you edit it again, it would get *-2, and so on