Edit the price on POS View


Currently user cannot edit the price while creating POS Invoice (via POS View). So, we have to maintain and keep updating price list which is not efficient.

I think it would be better if we have an option to edit the price in POS View.



As observed at the billing counters of super market, they only apply re-defined items. If there is discount to be applied, it can be managed via Pricing Rule. Modern POS doesn’t even have key-board, but only a touch screen monitor.

For editing rates, currently you will need to switch to form view. For option to edit prices in the POS View itself, you can create Github Issue. However, I will personally not encourage it, as it will be against the standard POS system.

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Yes, for mid to high businesses like supermarkets who have good management
behind to maintain standard price lists/discounts then it may work.

But for most small businesses here, price-list is just for reference. At
the end buyer and seller come to agreed-price rate, so it must be flexible
at transaction point-of-time.

I believe this ‘small’ feature would be helpful for for most small