Edit variant item attributes not working?

After creating an item variant template, I made an item variant by picking the options of the item attributes. That works fine.
However, when I go to edit the attributes afterwards, the popup window does not allow editing… even though it says “Editing”.
Any help would be appreciated.


you can refer following link -

Thanks for the link, but I have already read it, and the links from it. It does not answer my question: how to edit the attributes for an already existing variant. Unfortunately, it does not help my specific case. Thank you for trying to help though.

Hello, the exact same thing is happening to me.
As I’m new to ERPNext I don’t understand if this is a bug or a limitation.
Please advise.

Same bug?

@agerken, both your issues may be related, but you seem to try edit attribute in the Item Attribute list and I couldn’t face the problem, repeating your sequence of actions in V7 beta.
On the contrary, @Bland999 was trying to edit the attribute inside of the Item in variants section and looks like the problem still persists in the stable branch, while in V7 beta there is no such limitation and you can edit the variants.
Sorry, in V7 beta you still can’t edit assigned attribute.

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@nununo, you can also try https://beta.erpnext.com
see above

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Thanks @strixaluco. Can you please clarify what exactly is the beta instance? Is it being continuously rolled out to the production instance? How often? How can I know which version is my current instance running and which version is that beta running?

Thanks again!

In any case I’m not perfectly aware about the whole scale of improvements and new features in v7 beta, but yes, it’s a kind of rolling release. I suppose the updates occur at least several times per day, probably even more often. You can always check the version of your instance by clicking your profile name at the top right corner and then About, but v7 beta doesn’t have any versioning at the moment.

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Understood. Thanks.