Editing DocType and the related JSON not updating - keep native doctype customizations

When in developer mode I can add/edit fields of a DocType. E.g. adding custom fields to /erpnext/selling/doctype/customer.

If I add these and re-organize the order of the fields it works via the DocType module; however, after an update it does not stay, yet the DB fields remain. Therefore, it seems it was set by /erpnext/selling/doctype/customer/customer.json; however, restarting and export-fixtures doesn’t seem to have an effect.

Questions: how do I keep native doctype customizations? can I edit a file and add these manually vs. via DocType module?

Please advise, with gratitude, Adam.

Editing delivered Doc Types is not suggested, you can probably use “Customize Forms” to keep your changes upgradeable

Thanks @Pawan - I had edits done just via “customize form” and they were removed (not from DB) but from UI after latest upgrade. Is there something else explicit to make them stick?

Alright I see- combine “Customize Form” with “DocType” (do the same on both) and it works, updates the json, and with the proper git merge can be kept (an extra step for upgrading but needed by our implementation).

I just found you can also run bench migrate without need to customize form (just the original doc type)