Editing email notification

I try to change the notification message for Material request which only show item_code and would like to add item_name into it, editing the message from {{item.item_code }} to {{item.item_code}}:{{item.item_name}}.

When I try to save, it says that I can not edit the standard notif and suggest me to duplicate it.
I try to do exactly that but still can not save the duplicated notification with the same error ( can not edit standard notif ).

Can someone please advice how to do it?

Basically I just need the item name also in the email message instead of just item code.
Should I edit it from external db editor directly to the tabNotification ?



Its done. I just need to set ‘developer_mode’ = 1 and the modification can go through.

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Can you point to which message/notification you’re referring to? After editing with developer_mode=1, you’re bound to have update conflicts in the future.

The Notification with Subject “{{ doc.name }} has been received” for doctype “Material Request”.
Currently I just edit the message and add another column for item name.
Should I make a duplicate of the original and then disable the original/standard notification without editing it? How to make the modif without conflicting the update in the future. ?
btw, i have delete the developer_mode = 1 after the edit


Yes, this is a better approach.

I found that we can not edit the original message, so we have to duplicate, edit the message before saving it.
after saved the message can not be change / keep going back to the original.