Editing ERPNext Develop Image in VirtualBox

Hi, I just started learning and using Frappe and ERPNext.

I am currently using VirtualBox and ERPNext-Develop iso from the official site.

To access the localhost using browser, I run bench start and is able to access.
But, how do I access the code when it is running or I have to cancel the process to edit the code?
Also how do I connect a text editor(Atom) to the bench for me to edit ?

You can directly modify the code of ERPNext under your home directory (or bench directory, it depends where the iso image installs the source code).

You should see something like home/[USER]/[BENCH_NAME].

If you want to modify the code, be careful to version it correctly if you want to update later. Or you can add your own app.


Thanks for the reply.
Will it be possible to connect it to Atom or any other text editor on my host PC ?

You can modify the code directly on your VM. If you want to do it directly through your host, you will have to get the code first and put it back after modification.