Editing Sales invoice online resource print form


The sales invoice print form ‘Sales Invoice Online Resource’ has been coded.

We are no longer populating the Start date and End Date fields.How should I delete them?

Refer attached.

In the sales invoice click menu → customize
find the field you mention and you can choose to hid them in print, list, and report or you can delete them all together

Thanks Ganas

I have already deleted start date and end date from Fields columns but they are still appearing on the print form like before.

Is there anything else I have to update?

did you reload after deleting. try that

Yes, I cleared the cache, logged out, closed the browser and reopened all to check it.

I suppose you should delete it from the html code too. As I can see the code is still there

What do you suggest?

you seem running older version of Erpnext and I’m not much familiar with the legacy ones. hope one of the experts can help you better.
sorry I wasn’t much of help :frowning: