Editing Submitted BOM

As I am new to ERPNext and still learning the basics, I would like to edit a submitted BOM to add cos of operations. I realize I can cancel the BOM and amend. However, it is a subassembly and I can not since it’s linked to other BOMs. Could I develop a code to shortcut this? I still want the subassembly BOM to link with its parent BOM, but I need to editability while I learn the system.

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There is no way to do this. The proper way to do it is to create a new BOM revision for the child and parent BOMs (you don’t need to cancel them, you just select a different default BOM).

Wow that is not good, what if the wrong items where entered for the BOM? I am submitting a feature request so that i do not have to poke the data base to fix this.