Editing submitted Invoices or Quotations in ERPNext

As I am am coming from Quickbooks, I used to have the ability to edit submitted Invoices/ Receipts easily. And the need for re-editing submitted documents seems to arise often in SME Businesses. Why is this process of re-editing submitted Invoices/Quotations made very long in ERPNext(Cancel->Amend->Submit)?
Is Quickbooks following a wrong method here? What am I getting wrong here?

Reference: Easily editing an Invoice in QuickBooks

I think Quickbooks and ERPNext should be understood as very, very different tools. Quickbooks is accounting software. It helps business owners streamline their bookkeeping process. ERPNext is an ERP. It facilitates realtime, reliable communication of key business data among diverse groups of people.

Changing an invoice after it’s been sent to a client is just bad practice. It means that the record that you have and the record that your client has are potentially different. If you’re a small business owner doing all your own books, that problem is possibly manageable. If your a larger company looking to maintain a reliable record of your transactions, it undermines the entire point of having an ERP.

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Without knowing QuickBooks at all:
Confirming what @peterg states, the process you describe as used by ERPNext is the clean and accountable way to go. I may be mistaken, but I think in Germany it is even the law or some other kind of mandatory business rule to go that exact way.
Some software (also in Germany) does still support altering finalized documents. That doesn’t mean you should do it (or are allowed and encouraged to do so).