Editting current field

When I finish editing a current field, do i need to make bench migrate?
Because after I finish editing current field and i did bench migrate, the edited field is back to old version.
It takes nothing to change.

And can you show the right way to edit the field.

Hi, have you edited it with Customization Form? If yes you should run bench export-fixtures and commit that changes and then you can run bench migrate and you will have your changes

I’m not editting in Customization Form. But i did edited it in Doctype list. Actually the edited field is a new Doctype that i already made.

If it’s new Doctype you should save your changes somehow and then run bench migrate

How to save the changes? Is it just click the save button of the Doctype?

I use git and if my changes weren’t added to the git after bench migrate they are gone. But if you made changes in new Doctype they should be present after bench migrate… so sorry I cannot help you. and yes, I think click save button should help you.

It’s okay @NMyshuk. I appreciate your help. Maybe someone will help me later.
Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s already fixed.
I set the developer_mode 1 back.