Education Fee payment through Sales Invoice instead of Fee entry (gl_entries)

Hi all,

I wonder if is possible to make as option the Fee payment…
In our case the customer wanted like this:

  1. Fee is generated
  2. when Submitted instead of generate the GL_Entry is will create a Sales Invoice
    2.1 This because the invoice might not be on the Student name but on the Company
    2.2 They might have more than one Student doing the Course/Training …
  3. Sales invoice generated by the Education but the payment will be handled by the Finance/accounting area.
    4.Once pay via Sales Invoice the GL entry is made and a link of the Sales invoice added to the Fee instead of direct GL Entry.

Right now we have managed to do when Fee generated and submitted a Sales Invoice is also created as Draft… but we end up now with two payments… while they need only one.

How can i override ? or