Education Module - FEE PDF Output - Paid Amount is Zero

Hello Team,

We have implemented ERPNext for our Academy, implemented by our self. During the testing, in the FEE PDF output Paid Amount is showing as Zero even after making the payment. Since we have no expertise in Python unable to debug and fix the issue, attached the screenshot for reference and highlighted in yellow. Please help us to fix the issue.

Thanks in advance.


Hello friends,

Please help me on this bug or provide any guidance to fix this issue.


Hello pavan !

Please mention these details:

  • Frappe and ERPnext versions
  • Is this a custom print format or was already provided in ERPnext ?
  • Have you made any changes to the doctype (via Edit Doctype or Customize Form) or print format ?
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I am in v11 with latest updates.
This is an standard report with no customization.
You can replicate the issue as below.

  1. Create a student with required details with fee structure.
  2. Make the payment eg. 10000 is the total fee and payment is for Rs.5000
  3. In the PDF output showing Total amount 10000, Paid amount 0 and balance as RS.5000.


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I had posted the same but thought no one else have the same issue