Education module not showing payed amount

in Education module fee only showing the total amount and an outstanding amount not showing the paid amount in fee document.

How to resolve this… I tried with the custom script but it’s not working.

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Hi @rk_root

Could you please comment the screenshot here? If you are trying to print the paid amount , so have to check the settings for showing the zero amount also because initially the paid amount is zero and there are chances that it is not visible because of it.

Here grand total is 48,000 they paid 42,000. Outstanding amount 6,000 is showing but the paid amount is not showing anything.


I am assuming you have submitted the Payment Entry properly. If not, then try agin with the full fee cycle. If you are still able to replicate this issue, you can create a GitHub issue for the same with the steps to replicate. and can comment here.

I am experiencing the same issue. The paid amount is not showing even in the receipt. It is making it difficult to use the Education module. I am currently using ERPNext version 10.
I have added a screenshot of that.

@ManasSolanki Kindly create a GitHub issue for us.
Thanks a lot.

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The github issue is created by @rk_root and will be resolved soon. Please get the update on the issue Fee module not showing the paid amount · Issue #15129 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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