Education Reports


There were some reports existed in Education module, now in the new versions I only see one report which is the Student Report Generation Tool. What about other reports that were existed before like: Student Fee Collection, Student Monthly Attendance Sheet, Absent Student Report, … etc?

Also, until now the Receivable Account Report and the Receivable Account Summary Report are not giving the possibility to select the student and these reports are required to be used to follow up payments and student accounts.


Hi @bghayad I use ERPNext: v10.1.30 , Frappe Framework: v11.x.x-develop (bcaabe5) (develop) and I am able to see this reports.

Which version you are using ?

Did you upgrade recently.



Hello @joshiparthin

At v10.1.30, they are existed but newer versions for erpnext like v10.1.39 and v10.1.42 they are not existed. Even erpnext develop version does not contains these reports.

Actually they were a good step so that is why I am asking: where these reports went?


These reports are still available.

Was $bench migrate or $ bench update successful ?

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Parth Joshi

Yes that is correct @shreya115, they are existed but not displayed at the education module. They need to be added for the under config.

Thank you.

You can create a GitHub issue for the same.