Education settings and enable lms options are missing from erpnext v13 b4 install


I installed the erpnext 13 beta 4 on my server and have been trying to build custom apps on top of it so that I can work with the new UI right from the start.

I searched from the admin account “education”, “education settings” “lms”, but yielded no results. I do have the courses, students and instructor doctypes fully functional. However, no sign of lms or the setting to enable it.

I had enabled the domain education while setting up initially.

By profession, I am a doctor who got keen on ERP implementations to run my own company and get my company ready for operating on scale. I slowly started learning python, the server stack and then started looking at erpnext. Though I am a novice, I have been able to troubleshoot my way through so far and have a reasonable understanding on how the system is designed and how it works.

I have some ideas for making it better in healthcare and would love to contribute in anyway I can once I get used to the system and get comfortable working on customizing with apps and perhaps building them on frappe. I hope to get in touch with the team soon.