Either debit or credit amount is required because of float

I am getting the message “Either debit or credit amount is required” on a multi currency transaction.

  1. I did this entry

  2. But I received “Either debit or credit amount is required”

  3. what i did next is. i modify this line in gl_entry.py to allow zero transaction value.

4.The Transaction was successfully saved but in the database it shows 0.000000 instead of 0.00473208

I think you don’t need to comment out the code to bypass the validation.

Instead, try to set precision to 9 of debit, credit, debit_in_account_currency, credit_in_account currency fields in “GL Entry” doctype.

I cant seem to edit the GL Entry Doctype

I can edit it now. developer mode was not set to 1

Thanks nabinhait

Excuse me,
what’s the screen in num. 3 in your post?