El Salvador default currency change to USD please

Dear DevOps Team,

El Salvador got dollarized back in 2001. Since then our only currency has been the United States Dollar.

Please, set USD as the default currency for El Salvador.


Hi welcome to ERPNext and thanks for reporting this

From this search:

frappe@ubuntu:~/frappe-bench$ find . -name '*.json' | xargs grep 'currency'

I think country_info.json sets that data.

No other country seems to use USD other than the United States, as an example for you to follow. Use your judgement which fields to change (assuming you are self hosted) and let us know what you advise thanks!

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. This is not only the case for El Salvador. Also, Ecuador and Panamá use USD. The case of Panamá is not that difficult since 1 Balboa = 1 US Dollar.

I am not self-hosted so I would want to change the default country_info.json.

El Salvador information should look like this:
“El Salvador”: {
“code”: “sv”,
“currency”: “USD”,
“currency_fraction”: “Centavo”,
“currency_fraction_units”: 100,
“smallest_currency_fraction_value”: 0.01,
“currency_name”: “Dolar estadounidense”,
“currency_symbol”: “$”,
“date_format”: “dd-mm-yyyy”,
“number_format”: “#,###.##”,
“timezones”: [

Is this possible?

Thanks very much -

Here’s my PR submission fix: Change El Salvador currency to USD by clarkejj · Pull Request #8247 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Frappe may want Ecuador and Panama to be revised too. But let’s see - this is subject to their review and approval process.

Muchas gracias!

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Thanks, John.

You have a wonderful day.

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