Elephant in the Room: Insufficient Permission for Communication


With default settings, I cannot close any open communication. Notification of open communications raise constantly which is very annoying.

When I try to close it, throws “Insufficient Permission for Communication”.

What am I doing wrong? How can I solve this?


You can add your users to role for communication but if you make this writable then you get the unwanted side affect of having editable received emails which also can mess up the formatting of certain text in some emails

So basically all communication system is just a joke if this is the only solution.

I really don’t understand. It’s a huge problem and nobody seems care.

The email inbox needs enhancement and we shall start contributing to solve this issues.

I don’t see this exact error. If you open up the permission s for Communication you will be able to get past this error.

@Julian_Robbins, @thiras Use a mix of ‘Set only once’ under doctype customization or ‘Read Only’ under form customization. I’ve tried this and now emails, for example, cannot be edited, but they can also be closed and reopened … which is how i think it should work.

You may use this stupid solution
Add role All to Communication Doctype and give it read .
see if your problem solved and if it have a side effect behaviour.

@wava thanks I’ll try this.

Of course it should be corrected in the core but it’s good to know it can be sensibly set up

Hi, I had the same issue. If you only add Write permission for Communication, it will allow you to modify e-mail, and you don’t want do this.

I solved the problem like this :

1 : Create a new role (Configuration → Role). I named it “Super Email Admin”

2 : Go to role management and add for Communication, “Super Email Admin” permissions as show in picture and Check “if owner”

3 : Go to user and and check the new role you have just created (for me, “Super Email Admin”)

Then, you can open and close communication without modify e-mail.

PS : I added a picture for each step but new users can only send 1 picture.

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The original bug has been fixed but only in V10. But thanks for this anyway …