Email about salary slip

Dear communities

when I want to submit my salary slip then the message comes out
I try to set email in each of employee and go to setup>>email account do whatever I can do
but these message still appears
is the any solution ?



Please refer this,

It will help you to setup Email Account.

I follow the step to set a default email
but when I back to salary slip the system log me out !?
or I have another idea
I want to know if I can cancel the connect with email

Any message on save Email Account?
Please share your Email Account screen shot.

Have you still get the message to setup Email Account?

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this is my screenshot

I didnt get the message again but the system logged me out when I save the salary slip

As I see the form is in Not Saved State. Make sure you filled all the required fields.
E.g. Email Id, Password, Service.

Save it again.[quote=β€œ1117, post:5, topic:22559”]
the system logged me out when I save the salary slip

I don’t think this is because of Email Account or Salary slip.

thanks for your answering
I will try to solve the problem