Email account error when using Gmail

Hi all! I’m just testing out ERPnext but immediately run into problems.

Once i log in i get told by the system to go to Settings → Email → Email account → Add new account.

We are using google as our email provider. I thus created a new email adress ( and set a password using google admin. I can log into the email adress on and it works fine.

However, when i try to add the account to ERPNext i get troubles - I get an error saying “Invalid Credentials - Please check your email login credentials”, see attached screenshot. I’ve tried every option i can immagine but I’m at loss on how to proceed to even be able to test ERPnext.

I’ve opnended both the POP3 and IMAP options in the gmail settings for the account, also see attached.

Any ideas on how to get the email working with ERPnext so that I can actually get started in evaluation this system?


Please refer to below mentioned document for resolving issue.

Wonderful - it worked like a charm!
BUT - there is an error in the documentation. The “app password” is no longer avilable under the 2-step verification in the list, instead you need to use google bar at the top and search for “app password”.

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hey @bandarivijay , can you update this link! since this one is not working

Hope below link will help you.

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