Email account for hosted users

The setup-email account is not defined (no email accounts)

Manual>> You can manage multiple incoming and outgoing Email Accounts in ERPNext. There has to be atleast one default outgoing account and one default incoming account. If you are on the ERPNext cloud, the default outgoing email is set by us.

How do I set a standard outgoing email account independent of the user (and his email id)

@becht_robert do you already have such a mailbox ? Then you can just set the login details by creating a new Email Account

@rmehta, @umair hi back to this issue.
Read all documentation and watched video several times.
It is confusing…!!! Especially the fact that both video and written documentation state that outgoing email is preset by Erpnext.
What I want is that ALL outgoing mail is copied to the same account, not the login email of the user. I use Gmail.

How ERPNext handles replies

In ERPNext when you send an email to a contact like a customer, the sender will be the user who sent the email. In the Reply-To property, the email id will be of the default incoming account (like ERPNext will automatically extract these emails from the incoming account and tag it to the relvant communication

Meaning??? If I send a mail it will be from the user (email id of user) and the return is send to the default incoming email.

Following your reply I have to set up a new account.
It starts with a warning that makes the user insecure. Relax the safety settings, which Google advises not to do. How serious is the risk??

Than an undocumented: Login Id is Different. What does this mean???
If i click enable I have to fill a login ID. Effect,functionality?? Also, if one has to select an ID one would expect a dropdown list of user ID’s.

Use IMAP.??? Should mention that IMAP needs to be set up on the mail server.
The documentation still refers to a POP account.

Append to: Can I leave this blank?? Of course, it would be nice if i mail an invoice (i only use that) that a reply would attached to that invoice. So??? Enter Communications, i speculate…

Always use Account’s Email ID as Sender
Uses the Email ID mentioned in this Account as the Sender for all emails sent using this Account.

Guess this should read: " Uses the Email ID of the user as the Sender for all emails sent (by this user)"

Documentation really has to be improved here.



I have the same questions!