Email account is not showing options after upgrade ERPnext v8.9.2

After upgrading to ERPnext v8.9.2. In Email account is not showing options to configure. The dashboard of the email account is blank as shown in the picture.


Just checked the Email Account documents on my test account and it seems to work fine. Can you please check and share the error traceback from the browser’s console?


form.min.js?ver=1503985116.0:4916 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘refresh’ of undefined
at Object.frappe.ui.form.set_viewers (form.min.js?ver=1503985116.0:4916)
at n. (form.min.js?ver=1503985116.0:48)
at n.emit (libs.min.js?ver=1503985116.0:7971)
at n.onevent (libs.min.js?ver=1503985116.0:7972)
at n.onpacket (libs.min.js?ver=1503985116.0:7972)
at n. (libs.min.js?ver=1503985116.0:7972)
at n.emit (libs.min.js?ver=1503985116.0:7971)
at n.ondecoded (libs.min.js?ver=1503985116.0:7971)
at s. (libs.min.js?ver=1503985116.0:7972)
at s.n.emit (libs.min.js?ver=1503985116.0:7971)

@shreyasdk Do you have sendgrid integration app installed in your server?

Issue seemds with sendgrid integration app.

Yes, Have fixed this issue.