Email Account Issue

Hello All,

I’m hoping someone can help out with this. I’ve got an email which is used in Thunderbird and i recently added this email as an email account in ERPNext.

I found out that after adding the email in ERPNext, Thunderbird was marking all the new emails as ‘seen’.

To fix this, i deleted the email account in ERPNext but, i still see that notification bar says that i have emails.

can anyone help me with this because this is affecting my Thunderbird account as all new emails are seen as read.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @sabby5 . I have been using the email funktion in ERPNext for a while now. This is a tricky subject at first.
When you pull emails from an IMAP-account there are a few thing you have to look out for:

  • e-mails which erpnext as drawn from your account are marked as read in your imap-account (as you called out)
  • erpnext will gradually draw all your emails into the system. Watch out though, is does not use folders which you might have created in your account so it’s best, to just use your inbox on that account
  • send e-mails from erpnext will now show in your imap-account in thunderbird
  • once e-mails are drawn into the erpnext system, deleting them in your thunderbird imap-folde will have no effect to the e-mail in erpnext
  • pushing e-mails into trash will not delete e-mail from the erpnext system, linked e-mails will stay linked
  • if you delete e-mails in erpnext they are gone and links will be broken.
  • to lower the number on your e-mail account e-mails in erpnext need to be marked “read”

…for now.
The way e-mails can be sent from erpnext can be a little tricky, also how customers can answer and where their replies go “lost” is a little frustrating at first. Try it!

Happy to help


Thank you @wojosc

@sabby5 what version your are using?