Email account private messages problem

Hi to all,
I have some doubts about the use of email accounts.
I set two users each of them with their email accounts.

I set the two email accounts as following:

In this way i can send email and read the answer of the client. directly on erpnext.
But i’d like that every user could see only mex arrived on their email, instead in the comunications the system save all emails arrived to the account also that not relevanti for erpnext, so all users can read private emails of the otherones.

The risk is to have a privacy problem.
Is there a way to solve this problem?Where is my error?


Hi @alaurucci! Try playing around witth Role Based or User Based permissions for this.

Do you have some idea of what I have to set?

iIt’s seems solved creating a new role only for the use of email account