Email Accounts missing split login for incoming and outgoing

I really wish we would not keep breaking existing functionality to add new I thought the new focus was to avoid this and limit testing to dev?

We use mailjet and had in previous versions had the ability to have separate login for incoming and outgoing. This allowed us to use both Office365 and mailjet on one email account. However in v 8 this is no longer available in:
ERPNext: v8.0.26 (master)
Frappe Framework: v8.0.43 (master)

No login id for outgoing:

@imllc do recognize that open source leaves us with constructive recourse to learn and understand the challenge here -

Say take charge & ownership be part of the solution - play with your code change problem, suggest or implement an improvement or back out the change to suit etc.

we are looking into the code but there is a learning curve with that for us…

we get open source but there are good ways to develop and ways that are less attractive.

My point and that of others is that we need to do a better job of justifying changes to features that are currently working in master and then document the changes. Over the last sixth months I have had changes break things that were working with little or no notice and no documentation.

All testing should be done on development branch and only once it has been tested in dev should it be rolled to master it was my understanding from earlier post that was the new development framework to be followed here?

Indeed all that you note and far more - coding, design changes, testing, documentation, change notes - demand much learning, effort, discipline and patience to get right by all that rise to that challenge. So when you say we and us do include yourself as a positive influence contributor - I apologise for being blunt or negative here.

My comment is simple, if something needs to be changed that is working then document the change appropriately and alert folks appropriately…

I have been a part of many open source communities over the years and have seen first hand what works and what doesn’t…

My understanding is ERPNext was no longer going to develop in master which is why I choose to update feeling confident that it was stable at this point. At this very moment I need to deploy a stable version so I can use the product breaking something like email renders ERP useless…

So your not being blunt or negative you missing the point of my post…

Documenting the problem and working to understand the underlying cause as to why something that was working was removed from evening being an option.