Email Alert clarification

So, I’m trying to set up an alert to send to a production manager when a sales order item that is from his department is submitted. So, customer support makes a sales order, it has an item with item group “Pre-Engineered Systems” they submit it, and the Pre-Engineered Systems manager gets an email.

The problem that I’m having is that the email wont send. . . I believe that’s because the Sales Order Item is separate from the sales order, so the item never actually submits…does anyone have a workaround?

Hi @Christopher_Gregory_ have you visited Frappe Cloud to check if there is a setup configuration problem ?

Hi @eugene23, Everything looks to be setup correctly. For example, changing a password sends a user an email correctly.


Can you explain how did you associate item and department? Email alerts are triggered for the main form, not for each item. It will be tricky to figure out such an email alert.

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@anand please see the attached screenshot.

This is my second attempt configuration: