Email alert for issue

How do I reference the body of the email in the email alert for an issue. {{ doc.description }} returns “none”, not the body of the email. The body of the email is shown on the issue itself, so I don’t know how to include it in the alert. Thanks!




Didn’t work.

Could you capture screen where your code put?

Pls capture whole app. I want to see which page you are doing. So I can test on my site.

Any “issue” coming into the issue queue should generate this email alert sent to the sender.


I try to test my site. It’s ok





I tried it too, does not work

v10 it worked a couple of times, and now it’s not. It substitutes “None” for the “doc.description”. So, not fixed in the new version.

I’m understanding this a little better now after staring at it for a day. Emails are stored in the Communications table separate from the Issue table, but are linked to the issue when it is created – it is created with an empty “description” plus a comment. Some of the issue details are recorded, such as sender, subject, aetc, but " {{ doc.description }} is empty. That’s why it appears as “None” in my email alert.

However, I added the example code to the alert and it still didn’t include the comment (the original email) in the alert.

{% if comments %}
Last comment: {{ comments[-1].comment }} by {{ comments[-1].by }}
{% endif %}

The code seems to work for subsequent comments, so I can only assume that there’s a timing issue in the way this works when an issue is created.

A possible solution would be to load the “description” with the email that creates the issue, but I don’t see how to do that within the framework of the issue doctype and without coding. You can change We currently use OTRS, and it considers the email that initiates the ticket this way.

By the way, I tried to create an issue & corresponding alert triggered by the Communication itself, but I wasn’t able to respond to it and have it add to the issue comment string. Instead, it added to the Communication comment string.