Email alert from submitted material request

Hi all,

It’s possibile to trigger an email alert from a submitted Material Request?
Here below my case:
In Erpnext version 7, I’ve created line manager and finance status based on perm level.

  1. Line Manager: approves, saves and Submits the material request and an email is sent to Finance for his/her approval or rejection.

  2. Finance: approves material request (field finance status is previously setted as ‘Allow on submit’), then clicks on Update, but the email alert doesn’t work.
    Conditions used are the following:

Any suggestions?


Please remove condition from Recipients table and check if it works.

@umair thanks, I’ve just tried, however this problem seems to persist.
I think system doesn’t recognize value change condition after click ‘Update’.

Any other suggestion?
Thanks in advance

Solution : Define a workflow and change the docstatus to 1 only after approval by finance guy…

Thanks for your solution, but I don’t want to create a workflow because I’d like to maintain the original document status, for this reason I’ve created two custom fields.

Sure…And Even when you create a workflow the original document status are still miantained!! but in list view “workfloa_state” is shown and if you want you can display both workflow_state and document status parallely in list view…

I need to maintain the standard process,do you have other suggestions?


Any news?


@rohit_w can you please check into it?