Email Alert + healthcare

Email Alret Not work if we choose

Days Before/after

But if i chose value cjanges instead it works

i Need to notify and send an email to the patient before his/her patient appointment within 1 day or even one week

is it possiple ?

i know its written in the documentation that the reminder in the patient appointment will send an email to remind patient befor his/her appointment
but because of the healthcare is still under developing
so i am trying to use the EMAIL alret to track the date of the appointment and send email 1 or 6 day before the appointment

Any suggestions dears

You can create your own custom alert and type the condition that you need
see if that works for you

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Dear AmmarHarara95
i will test it and feed u back
thanks alot for your guide.

am i typing some thing wrong ?

The (-3 ) is not accepted there
and I can’t figure out a way to subtract the date within the condition field
we could have used add_days() but its not working here either

even i try to use

i tried

DATE(NOW()) = DATE(doc.appointment_date) - 3
and this

DATE(NOW()) = DATE(appointment_date) - 3

but all fail

DATE(NOW()) = DATE(doc.appointment_date)
without any numbers failed also

it is written
edit: nowdate() == doc.appointment_date
the problem is how to subtract or add (before or after days)

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u are true
i tried
doc.appointment_date == nowdate()
it works But we have to figure out how to substract or add Days to the equotaion

even i attempt to use


i think the custom mechanism is not work in email alret
am i right
did any body try it and it works ?

Dont use “Custom”, use instead “Days Before”! :wink: