Email Alert not sent to all

I’m trying to setting up a new email alert to notify when a leave application is saved.
My alert is:

the leave approver receive the email but the owner no, why?

How should this be solved ? Thank you!

Can you check Bulk Emails and see if the email was sent or not?

In bulk email I can find only the email sent to the leave approver, no email for the owner…


Am facing the same issue. Email Queue shows email sending to Approver. However, It is not sending to Owner. Kindly advice if you have the workaround.

Thank you.


no I’ve not found a workaround.

If you can replicate this, just add this as an Issue on GitHub.

@ArundhatiS can you replicate this?

Replicated the issue in test account and Its working fine.
Please refer the screenshots attached.

Leave Approver Email

Owner Email

Please share the ERPNext version you are working on.