Email alert not working when have condition

email alert not working when have condition
but if you put only when submite without any condition its work perfectly!

@Dany_Carvalheiro maybe you should explain bit more with steps to reproduce and screenshots.

there are two situation i have realise now when the alert is sent on “draft” it doesnt work

when i put a condition on email alert like “doc.naming_series==‘PO’” and submit
when i really do it on the document i am not receive an email alert
but when i remove the condition i receive the alert

Is naming_series a valid field for that doctype? Basically your Email Alert is not being triggered, so there’s a problem in the condition that’s written

yes but the same happen when i choose the option when “SAVE”,
it doesnt send the email.

Any workaround / Solution to this ?

Use case
I am adding Customer through webform as disabled.
Working fine. New customer getting created as Disabled.

But email alert not working on below condition
Doctype = Customer
Send Alert on New
Condition doc.disabled ==1

If i remove the condition it is working.

The reason , for me to put condition is that , there are two ways of adding customer one through webform and other directly from customer doctype , if added through webform , it should get added as disabled.