Email Alert Recipient and Condition settings

Hello to all expert here. Just a newbie in this system. I tried to search any info about my concern before creating this post, but find nothing. So Im here asking for your hands.

I created an Email Alert for the approval flow of a certain document. The document will be created by the user, then approve by the Manager, then last is the Quality Officer.

I created a certain field (approve_status), the data type is INT to monitor the approval status, the default value is 0. Once it applied by the user for approval to Manager, the (approve_status=1), then once the Manager approved it, it become (approve_status=2), then when it is approved by the Quality Officer, it will become (approve_status=3).

Now, on the Email Alert, I put the VALUE CHANGE (approve_status) as my condition in sending an email. Its working just fine when I set the OWNER only with no conditions on it. But when I set a conditions, it just does not work.

Also, to send the email to the Manager and Quality Officer, I created a field also where the value is the actual email address. I set it, but its also not working. Can you tell me how to set it properly.

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Below is the screenshot of my setting about this for your reference.

Share your conditions

the condition is doc.approve_status > 0