Email Alert Reminder Notifications - YET AGAIN

Hi Team,

After reading through the rich collection of questions and suggested solutions about Email Alerts in ERPNext plus the online user manual here, I was so sure this Email Alerts feature would be easy case for me, but it seems I counted my eggs before they hatched.

I only hope this won’t be too long a write-up, but I really need to describe the issue. We want ERPNext to do the following when a user creates a Calendar Event:

(a) Notify user immediately the Event is created,
(b) Notify user 2 days before expiration of the Event.

So, we created two Email Alerts: the first for immediate email notification when Calendar Event is created and the second for reminder notification 2 days before expiration of event.

The first Email Alert works fine. System sends notification to user as soon as Calendar Event is saved.

Here is the first Email Alert:

Here is the email notification sent to user:

The second Email Alert, however, which was supposed to send a reminder 2 days before expiration of the Calendar Event doesn’t seem to work.

Here is the second Email Alert:

And here is the Calendar Event I created yesterday:

I received the Beans Meeting Email Alert notification (which I shared above) immediately the Event was Saved. But the reminder never comes. I am sure it is not the software. Something is missing in the Email Alert settings.

I really plead for help. Help me point out what I am doing wrong. I really must provide an answer in the office as to why the reminder is not working.

Thanks everyone for your help.

Hello friends,

Please do help me if you had setup Email Alerts and it sends you email notification reminders using the Days Before / Days After in the Send Alert On field.

I look at my settings again and again and just can’t seem to decipher what I am not doing right.

Thank you all.

I think it is not working because of ends_on have datetime as a field_type, try to set it to date only, then try.

Thanks @shahid,

I do this by customizing the Calendar Event form, right? Here is the error message I got:

I tried to change the field type from Datetime to Date but ran into the error message.

For testing purpose add one other field with date as a field_type.
Ends_on is standard field, it will change via Doctype after setting developer mode 1.