Email Alert to Email Address Entered in Field

I want to send email alert on Email Address which will in Email Address Field.
Below is the Screenshot for Reference.

@shahid you can put a webhook of on submit or on save for this doc type and call the frappe email api there.

Refer and also frappe email api documentation.


Parth Joshi

@joshiparthin sorry i didn’t understand what you said,
can please give me stepped details? or some link?


Check if this documentation helps you : EMail Alerts - ERPNext

@root13F I’ve already checked this link, but it is not about what i want.
CC field in where we put email addresses for email to be send. but when i try to put here jinja tag it gives me error ‘invalid email address’,
I want to send email to those addresses which was entered in email_id field by the user.