Email Alert to Suppliers

I would like to send an email Alert to our supplier one week before “doc.expected_delivery_date”
Can someone help me with this?
thank you!

You can set the email alert for Days Before / Days After: Trigger this alert a few days before or after the Reference Date. To set the days, set Days Before or After.
Please refer the link to learn more.

Hope this helps.

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thank you for this but I still need help, hope this will be ok!
My problem is that in Purchase Order there is no Delivery date, I find this in Purchase Order Item.
So I thought to use a custom condition, but I don’t know if this can be correct.

Suppose say 3 supplier at same date .Email is not going to all the three. all three emails are going to same supplier (Whose Purchase Order has been create first) . Can you help me in this?

Hello, @somicoito
Did this work out well for you?

Can you send this link ?

Have you got that code? Its showing error for me on that page