Email alert with recipients as Email in child table


Is there any way to add child table’s email field in recipient of email alert

for example consider i have a doctype sales order in that doctype i added child table named customer
in that table there is a field customer email

and i want create email alert when a sales order submitted

i choosed Doctype as sales order
send alert on = submit a
and when i select email by document i can’t see customer email field

please help me to accomplish task


For Sales Email by field is available for selective fields.

This is not configurable for now. Please create a github issue for the same.

Looks like there’s an issue on Github. Unfortunately, it was closed as it was not requested by other members.
Github Issue: Email Alert for Child Table (Like Sales Order Item, PO ite · Issue #4703 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Anyways, adding this feature of getting control on fields from child table will really help us a lot.

In our case, we need send emails (different templates for different item groups) to customers, on the creation of sales order and delivery note as well. While creating email alert on sales order creation, I can’t place the condition on item group(which is present in child table - item) as I can’t access it.

Any other alternatives to get this job done would be greatly appreciated…!