Email alerts grouped in outlook

We have a problem that while working in Microsoft outlook in “Show as Conversation” mode, all of the Email notifications from the ERPNext are getting grouped together, although the subjects if the Emails are different. This means that now I have hundreds of different Emails with different text in the subject of the mail, all grouped under 1 conversation. I guess it has something to do with the settings of the email alerts.
Anyone encoutered this problem?

I think it seems like a problem that outlook is not designed for this use case!

So I have to say I am quite disappointed in this comment. A LOT of folks use MS Outlook for email (along with Exchange as the back-end). I am experiencing same thing, its just not bothering me.

@shaiga - MS Outlook organizes emails based on the subject line by default. Since ERP sends everything out as “notification” or something like that it can get confused. I use MS Office 2010 and this linked worked for me to adjust the split out with some settings in Outlook

Seems to work for MS Office 2013 as well.

There are probably ways to improve email handling in ERP as well, such as using more unique subjects for various notifications. Easiest change could be to append the document id or name to the subject.

Thanks. I will check out the link. regarding the topic of the notification Emails - I do include the doc name in the subject, and all the titles have different names. Still, it is grouped together…

But all the emails originate from the same address (your notifications box), and that is taken into account by outlook. There is a header that can be inserted into emails with a guid (ms exchange does this) to create unique email threads. Erpnext would need to be coded to do this and totally get around the outlook challenge. Based on rmehta’s comments, i doubt a git issue would get much attention unless you coded it yourself and did a pull request.

Thanks James. do you know how can I do that myself? or do you have any references?

Was due to the inbox contribution. Fixed

where is it fixed?

just FYI -
This was due to Email settings in ERPNext and is now solved by the ERPNext team :slight_smile:

What is the git issue that resolved? Can you give a brief synopsis of what was changed to “correct” the email grouping issue we see in outlook? Is this in master or just in develop branch now?

I actually don’t know, it was fixed by the ERPNext team. actually, it works for me but not for my colegue…