Email Alerts - Message Customization get doc values to show in HTML

I am creating an email alert for an expense claim approval. In the message HTML I need the value of Expense claim type and description. How do I get this ?


Hello @Sri,

Just follow the instruction below the Email Alert Record.
If you wanted to know the exact name of the field just click the button “View Properties (via Customize Form)”


Go to Setup > Doctypes > search your selected doctype for your Email Alerts

I need to send the expense claim type and description in the email message as well. How do I access these fields in the email message.

Still looking for a solutions to this issue. Any help is deeply appreciated.


Use following code to fetch value from another doc.

 {{ frappe.db.get_value("Currency", "INR", "symbol") }} <br>
 {{ frappe.db.get_value("Expense Claim Type", "Travel", "description") }}

Also it will helpful if you fix user manual.